About me

Matthew Wade is performing in the International Theatre Festival of Avignon (France) as Jokanaan in the Bilingual French/English Theatre Lab Company production of Salome by Oscar Wilde, directed by Anastasia Revi. From the 5th to 18th of July in Theatre Des Amants.

Additional Information

President of Keele University Students Union (2000/2001)

7 Years Economic Development/ Project Management/ Employment Advice Experience

"...this production had many wonderfully deft comic, often Pythonesque, touches that were skilfully handled, most vividly by Matthew Wade. " -

The Merchant of Venice, Tribe Theatre, Theatre Royal, Winchester (2008)

"Matthew Wade's Hameem is always well-judged." -The Ides of March (2008), Michael Spring, Fringe Report

"Rob (a devilishly attractive Matthew Wade) is your quintessential everyman" - Rob Is (2009), Fringe Review

"Matthew Wade's Brutus is nicely understated" - Julius Caesar (2009), Joanna Bedford, Fringe Review

"Some performances do shine. Matthew Wade's Brutus is literally and metaphorically haunted by his actions" - Julius Caesar (2009), Kevin Quarmby, The British Theatre Guide

"There is some real quality...Matthew Wade is a more than serviceable Brutus" - Julius Caesar (2009), Alistair Smith, The Stage

"Stand-out performances include the interplay between Portia (Elana Martin) and Brutus (Matthew Wade)" - Julius Caesar (2009), Dulwich OnView

"In the leading role, Matthew Wade finds gravitas as his Othello is reduced to pulp of misery at his wife's supposed infidelity" - Othello (2010), Anita Butler, British Theatre Guide

"Matthew Wade has the archetypal features for Othello. He swings from charismatic leader and star struck lover to jealous victim and cruel husband with convincing characterisation. Wade roars over the other members of the cast as he swaggers forwards, but he is eventually reduced to a mumbling paranoiac after Iago's loaded suggestions unbind him."

- Othello (2010), James Buxton, Extra Extra

"Rob Maloney (Iago) and Matthew Wade (Othello) are excellent throughout. Wade throws himself into his role, his physical acting enhancing the passion, and later the pain, burning within his character's soul." - Othello (2010), Franco Milazzo, Londonist

"An imposing Matthew Wade as Tom Carter comes to represent authority."

- The Cave (2010), Paul Vale, The Stage

"Poseidon and Perseus are played by the same actor, Matthew Wade strikingly physical even when seen only as a silhouette." - The Beheaded Lover (2011), Howard Loxton, The British Theatre Guide

"Matthew Wade is an exotic Aegisthus (the Queen's attraction to him is clearly not just as an ally) but he spits out the venom of hatred." - The Oresteia (2012), Howard Loxton, The British Theatre Guide

"Matthew Wade is impressive as the intellectual, good-hearted Palinor who might as well be considered the Messiah of atheism." - Knowledge of Angels (2012), Carolin Kopplin, UK Theatre Network.

"The irony is heightened by the portrayal of the character Palinor by Matthew Wade, every bit the peaceful everyman" - Knowledge of Angels (2012), Jessica Bailey, One Stop Arts

"...great performances from Matthew Wade in the title role and Nicole Cooper as his Desdemona...the pair are a delight to watch...conveying a besotted couple completely in tune with each other – but, crucially, without calling into doubt Othello's capabilities as a focused and respected army general." - Othello (2013), Shona Craven, The Herald

"The expressive company generates great energy.... Matthew Wade, with a strong presence, rich, clear voice and graceful movement stands out among them..." - Psychostasia (2013), Howard Loxton, British Theatre Guide

Additional Skills

Stage Combat - BADC Level 1 Gold Award & BADC Level 3 Bronze Award (2010)

Experience of FOH, Publicity design and distribution, ASM, Sound operation, promotional work

Strong IT Skills (Hardware & Software)

Public Speaking & Workshop Leading Experience